Welcome to Outlaw K-9

We are a kennel located in southern Louisiana that specializes in working dogs. Our number one priority here at Outlaw K-9 is to produce the ultimate working dog. We specialize in Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds. We breed canines with drives to the extreme, in order to produce some of the finest working dogs available. All of our breeding stock and available dogs were bred from the finest working bloodlines in the world.

We offer many types of training programs:

Police K-9: Outlaw K-9 trainers are certified handlers. The experience our trainers gain each day working our Police K-9's on the street is passed on to each of our "street smart" dogs. The street is not a sport.

Personal and Executive Protection: Outlaw K-9 offers a "street smart" approach to our protection dog training. We hold our protection dogs to the same standard as our Police Service dogs. We train for real scenarios, and real situations you will encounter. The result is a protection dog that works! Remember, a protection dog is the only defensive weapon that can't be used against you.

Search & Rescue: Outlaw K-9 is meeting the demands of SAR. Our experience produces some of the finest tracking dogs and cadaver dogs in the nation.

Basic and advanced obedience: We are highly skilled in animal behavior theory. We apply that to creating a specific curriculum for lifetime of training experience.

Please enjoy your visit and feel free contact us for any further information.